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Our latest update to the new Sherpa Services site...See more about this update

Welcome to the new look Sherpa Services

Our new site consolidates Sherpa Services (Romeo, Juliet, Fact) in to one handy tool. With the addition of Open Access Books, Open Access compliance and Transitional Agreement look-up tools.

Search across Sherpa Services

Search for a journal, publisher or funder. For Open Access book policies, search for a publisher below.

Open Access and Transitional Agreements

United Kingdom Only

Open Access compliance

Get clear guidance on whether a journal complies with a funder's open access policies.

United Kingdom Only

Transitional Agreement look-up

Find information on Transitional Agreements (TAs) held by institutions, and the journals listed within TAs.

What has changed?

If you're looking for...'s now here

Transitional Agreement Look-up


Coming soon

Why have we made these changes?

We have combined Sherpa Romeo, Sherpa Juliet, Sherpa Fact and our Transitional Agreement Look-up tool in to a single platform.

The new platform allows access to our services in one location and has been rebuilt allowing consideration for future tools.